Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Electrically Enhance the Power of Essential Oils

In a previous post I discussed how to Jump Point an Essential Oil. In this post I am going to talk to you about a very powerful method to use essential oils to electrically connect them in the body to the specific place you want that oil to work. This method works well with systems in which you want to make a fast and immediate change. It is excellent to use with both acute and chronic problems.

To make an electrical connection between the oil and the targeted system you will use magnets, such as Magboys by Nikken, a red laser pointer, a quartz crystal or the Vitaflex method of stimulating an acupuncture point.

Let’s use, as an example, a virus or flu that has settled in the lungs. First we get to choose which oil we would like to employ. RC seems like a likely candidate as the very initials means Respiratory Congestion. But it works best with the upper respiratory tract. However it will work just fine here. Another choice would be Raven since it works with the Lower Respiratory Tract or the Lungs. Raven contains the oil Ravensara which will specifically target the lungs. Since in this example I want to target the lungs, I am going to choose Raven. Drop a drop of Raven on the lung reflexology points of the foot or hand. You may VitaFlex that point, use a red laser pointer on it for 10 seconds, hold a quartz crystal against it for 60 seconds (for skeptics that don’t believe in quartz crystals, you might as well throw away your watches!), or run a magnet across it.

Next put a drop of the oil on the skin above the organ alarm point and then stimulate it by using one of the above methods. (To learn how to use Vita Flex see my post on Vita Flex.)

Next smell the oil so that it will go directly to the amygdala of the brain. The amygdala found in the limbic center of the brain holds the neurons that are responsible for sending nervous input to the organs. By stimulating the organ alarm points and also the foot reflexology points of a particular system and then smelling the oil, the brain knows exactly where to send the message to the body that will assist in the body healing itself.

This same idea can be applied to any body system. People with chronic fatigue might choose to stimulate their adrenals glands in this fashion. This method works great with kidney problems and colon problems.

To see a list of oils and supplements that work with different body systems see my book, “Inner Transformations Using Essential Oils”. Other uses of essential oils can also be found in Chapter 3 of the book. A picture of the reflexology and alarm points can be found in the appendices of the book.

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Essentials 4 Wholeness said...

Great information... as always! Thanks so much! It is a great reminder that I am going to do this right now with Corrie as she has a cough that has been lingering. When she uses Cedarwood, it stops, but not for long. So am getting that if I follow your instructions, it will have a dynamic impact on her! Thanks!