Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Release Weight Using I SHED

“These folks lost weight, but it wasn’t by dieting—would that work for you?”

Dear Friends—

I want to tell you about a friend of mine who had a really counter-intuitive experience with her weight. She tried every diet she could find but seemed to just get heavier and heavier. Not what she wanted at all! As I talked with her I realized that she was having a fight with her own hidden feelings. A little coaching and some essential oils used in a specific way, and she began dropping pounds immediately! She’s so much happier now (and so is her husband).

Another friend was having similar problems. I traced it to her pituitary gland, and once we took care of that, she was soon back to a healthy, attractive body.

Another friend had a kidney condition that cleared up with essential oils. She shed 35 pounds in water weight! Bring on the swimsuits!

Yet another friend simply needed to fix her “story” about herself and presto-change-o, there went 10 unwanted pounds.

And another turned out to have parasites. She didn’t even know! But once she got rid of them, the weight started coming off.

There are lots of stories like these, true stories of real people for whom diets didn’t work. Yes, diet is important, but…

You may need to stop dieting in order to shed weight…

Hi, I’m Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff, and I’m passionate about assisting people with their health issues. I’m really good at it. And I love teaching about essential oils and natural healing. But I just can’t help enough people fast enough one at a time, so…

By popular demand, I am going to be offering a series of 6 teleseminars for people who want to shed weight. Not lose weight – shed. You see, this is just one of the secrets to getting the kind of body you want that I’ll be addressing in the seminars. Did you catch it? It’s a matter of attitude and outlook – and it’s way more important than you think.

Plus, you want to do more than just lose weight, you want to be healthy (and look your best). Hey, you can get really sick and lose weight, and that’s not what you want. On the other hand, going for weight loss with the wrong diets can actually make you sick. Let’s get you on a healthy program that helps you shed unhealthy pounds and keeps you looking radiant.

Introducing the Perfect Body Perfect Health plan’s I-SHED program

I-SHED stands for the most critical elements in a weight-shedding program: Intent, Stress, Hormones, Exercise and Diet


Week 1 Intentions
  • Conscious language

  • How even idle words become commands to the brain

  • Uncover the ways your words and hidden beliefs are keeping you from your weight goals

  • Gain new ways to think and talk that will increase your energy

  • Discover how to create whatever you want in life

Week 2 Stress

  • How this little-understood part of the nervous system may be sabotaging your health

  • Which essential oils reduce stress and promote relaxation

  • Why past traumas (even forgotten ones) may be to blame for your excess weight – and

  • what to do about it

  • Stress, your adrenal glands, and your weight

  • How to use essential oils to get your nervous system working for you instead of against

  • you
Week 3 Hormones
  • Which oils and supplements balance hormones – and when to use them

  • Two forgotten glands that have a critical role in releasing weight

  • How milk and food affect hormones

  • What stress does to your hormones

  • The vital insulin – glucagon balance you must not neglect
Week 4 Hormones
  • How a toxic body keeps you from your ideal weight

  • How a toxic liver affects blood sugar levels and hormones, and how to fix it

  • How to let go of excess proteins, sugars and toxins

  • Which essential oils and supplements blast toxins out of your body

  • Lose inches with the essential oil body wrap

Week 5 Exercise
  • How exercise makes your body burn off calories – even when you’re asleep!

  • Why cardio-vascular strength is so important

  • Burn fat, not muscle

  • Shed weight or drop inches – which?

Week 6 Diet

  • Discover how to boost your health as you live in harmony with the natural cycles of the year

  • A detailed comparison of various popular diets – which is right for you?

  • How you can overcome food addictions

  • Discover different ways to stop overeating

  • The real food groups and what they mean to you

  • Essential fatty acids and your health

  • Little-known facts about the essential sugars you must have in your diet

  • Cleansing and weight control

  • Changing our belief systems about food

  • Don’t cut calories – change your eating patterns!

  • What to do when you hit a plateau

  • Natural ways to prevent overeating

  • Essential oils and supplements that curb appetite, burn fat and stop addictions

Wow Sign me up NOW!

Teleseminar Options

Classes will be held every Wednesday, May 6th through June 10th 8:00pm-9:30pm Eastern Time

Each class will last 60-90 minutes.

Join us for an “enlightening” (pun) and fun experience.

These classes are valued at $50.00 each – and well worth it. The total value for the 6-week course is $300. But I am offering a special deal…

All 6 classes for one price of $137.00! (less than half price)

*Bonus Number 1* Every participant will receive a personal, monthly coaching call from me so we can talk about your specific issues and questions. I charge up to $300 an hour for office time, so 15 minutes of my time is worth as much as $75.

*Bonus Number 2* Every participant can receive more than 50% off the price of a Personal Consultation if they desire when they sign up for the 6 week Teleseminar! That is right. A Personal Consultation is valued at $127.00 and I am giving it away to class goers for $50.00! That is the price of a $15.00 phone consultation with me!

The total value is $375.00… but for you, only $137.00

If you desire to sign up for the discounted Personal consultation at time of sign up the cost will be $187.00

(I’m nervous. I feel like I’m giving away the store, but I want to make this available to as many people as possible.)

Come join me as ISHED my way to perfect health! And so will you!

Teleseminar Options

Yours in health,

Dr. LeAnne

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Jubilation! said...

Dr LeAnne, Are you still doing these classes/teleseminars? Is this deal still available? Can I do this while I'm pregnant? (almost 5 months) Should I do a colon/liver cleanse first? I guess I'll stop my questions there :)