Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How to Jump Start an Essential Oil

One of my favorite ways to use an essential oils is what is called Jump Starting.

Place a drop of the oil on your index finger and rub it into the buccal lining of the cheek. That means the inside of your cheek behind your teeth. You can also put it under the tongue but it has a higher chance of hitting one of the taste buds of the tongue and may not taste too good!

Put a drop inside the cheek every minute for 10 minutes,, then every 10 minutes for one hour, then every hour your are awake for the rest of the day. If still needed the next day then take a drop by mouth every few hours until the problem is finished.

I would like to say that I would only drop pure therapeutic grade essential oils into my mouth. I would not drop brands that you are not sure on the distillation process of that oil. Do not use oils that have been distilled any other way than steam distillation. Young Living Oils uses steam distillation for their oils. I only use this brand of oils for all my oil needs!

Also their is a list of GRAS ratings for the oils. Some oils are too hot to drop in the mouth undiluted and can burn the mouth. Some of these oils are oregano and lemongrass. Generally, Young Living Oils sends the GRAS ratings out with their shipments. If you don't know the GRAS ratings then ask the company to send you a pamphlet about it. The ratings are also in the Essential Oil Desk Reference published by Essential Science Publishing.


ISFLY Family said...

Dr. LeAnne,

I love this technique. I learned it from you maybe two years ago and have used it many times on myself and my family. It has been so effective that whatever 'issue' we're working on has been taken care of before we hit the last phase of continuing daily!

Thank your for your knowledge!

Quin said...

Thanks for sharing this! Ever since you taught me this, I have used it myself and with others! I have used Endoflex to jump start my adrenals when my heart has been having that fluttering feeling because I have been under stress, or for when my thyroid is not functioning up to par. Also, when my daughter-in-law Jen was going into labor with each of her children, we used Clary Sage to jump start her uterous and assist her in sustaining her labor. Thanks for being an amazing teacher!