Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just finished freezing apples

It is about time I update my blog! Since putting up this blog, I have moved, settled in my new house in Ludlow Missouri and settled into a new routine! I feel a lot better at this lower altitude and am beginning to have a lot more energy.

So much energy that I took on preserving fruit for the first time in 15 years. I put up peaches, apples, pears, and concord grapes. Because the fruit we were putting up hadn't been sprayed (thank goodness!) the apples and pears had a black fungus on them. What we did to clean that off was so easy! We put 15 shakes of Purification oil into the water and soaked the fruit for about 15 minutes or so. The fungus came right off! We just wiped it off. EASY!

I love Purification oil. I use it by mouth at times if I am feeling sluggish or poisoned somehow. I just take it by mouth a few drops at a time until I feel better.

Once I had a patient come to see me who had had some turpentine accidentally spilled into his coffee he was drinking. He was one sick dude. So we jump started the Purification oil and within the day he was feeling a lot better.

Another patient came straight to me who had carbon monoxide poisoning. Once again using the jump start method of oil delivery with Purification oil, he began to feel better within 15 minutes.

One last Purification story. I had a patient with a Funnel Spider bite. She had been sick about a year. I jump started Purification Oil and within a few days of using the Purification oil she felt like she had never been sick!

Gotta love those oils!

Do you have any great Purification stories to tell?


ISFLY Family said...

My MIL loves to use Purification as a bug repellent.

We've also diffused Purification to clear the house of odors, like burnt dinner or after some bathroom visits.


Dr. LeAnne said...

tee hee smells better then a match!
I am about to alternate between Thieves and Purification in the basement now that the drain is finished and the water is going down from the flood!