Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Favorite Oil? Valor

WOW! Do I have a favorite oil? I suppose that if I did it would be Valor. It was the first oil that I bought at Young Living Oils. I love it. It balances my energies, removes fear and worry, relaxes me, relieves headaches, gives me courage, and focuses me. If I just generally feel un-ease, then I just automatically grab Valor. If I am looking through my oils to just choose something, anything, I will always smell Valor and sigh, AHHHHHH. I love Valor.

What is your favorite oil?


Bethany said...

I guess I have a few. For just grabbing to smell, Peace and Calming for sure. Even though I don't have any evidence that it does anything empirical to help my body, it sure does make me happy! :)

Also, Purification. I have taken this in my mouth to help with liver cleansing, and also when I had food poisoning. I put it on cuts, scrapes, bug bites... It is gentle enough for Nathanael's chubby little knees with their cuts and scrapes, and I also use it in my diffuser and in a spray bottle to combat mold, bacteria, viruses, and stickiness.

This one does it all! (But Peace and Calming still smells better.)

P.S. Lemon is my favorite food/cleaner oil. It gets tags off of anything! :)

ISFLY Family said...

My favorite oil, is there such a thing!! :) I'd have to say Melrose. It's our Boo-Boo oil. Whenever the kids get hurt they get a drop of it. It takes goose eggs down so fast I could watch it if I had time! Great on scrapes, scratches, gouges, bruises etc. We've even used it on mouth wounds like cut open lips and scratched gums. (Can you tell I have kids!)


PS I agree with the Lemon Bethany! :)

Quin said...

I love so many!!!! I must say that I don't know how I could live without Valor. That was the first oil you told me to get. So I did! I liked it OK, but din't seem to notice any big change. Then one day when I was at the chiropractor, he noticed in my chart that he had not adjusted my hip, which he had to do regularly, in about 6 weeks. What was I doing differently, he wanted to know. I said nothing. He checked my hip... it was fine! It wasn't until I was on my way home that I realized that it was because of using the Valor... nicknamed "Chiropractor in a bottle." It was holding my alignment!

My other big favorite oil is Harmony. I always feel centered and balanced with Harmony. I can also handle being around negative people better. When I have clients I am muscle testing and they are switched (yes answers are no's and no's are yes's) then I just put Harmony on their Chakras and make a clockwise circle around them several times, and ta-da... they are normal!